M I C K I E     D E V R I E S


I reside in West Michigan close to the beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline. I am married to my husband Luke and have two children. My work is centered around documenting my children and I also teach Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop through Click Photo School.  I do not accept clients at this time.


To be a child is a magical thing, it’s a world of exploration and wonder.  A world of mistakes and learning, happy and sad, feelings of accomplishment, failure, and perseverance.  It’s a sprinkler in the summer followed by a popsicle, it’s a dive in a leaf pile in the fall, hot cocoa in winter, and digging for worms in the spring.  It’s also learning to ride a bike, falling off and getting back on.  Its elation dashed with frustration which spurs determination.  It’s also a longing to be older, not held back by other’s guidelines.  It’s all of these things and more!

This is what drives my artistic intent in photography.  This is what I cling to, and want to preserve and document.  A wisp of hair, a knowing look, the happy, sad, funny, and messy, all of this is what my work encompasses.

My photography is childhood through a mother’s lens.   My driving force is to capture these fleeting moments as time speeds by, and my children grow up and experience new things.  My hope is that my work resonates with parents universally, and speaks to their hearts of the wonders of childhood.